Sunday, January 14, 2018

Orientation for Caregivers: Day 2

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Day 2

Sessions 3- The Child's Journey Begins

Table of Contents
  • The Child's Journey
  • The World of Abnormal Rearing
  • The Intent of the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act
  • Status Flow Chart
We learned about steps that may be taken if complaints are made against a family and found to be justified. I thought the child would be automatically taken into care but depending on the case, people involved, circumstances, and other factors there are other options.

Family Enhancement- Children remain in the family and the parents willingly seek and are given supports and/or training.

Supervision Order- Similar to above the family but the family is ordered to get care instead of choosing to. This isn't an often used in Alberta. 

Custody Agreement- An agreement with the family where the custody of the child is given to the province. It can run up to six months.

Temporary Guardianship Order- The child needs intervention and the province takes custody. It is anticipated to be short term and that the child will return to the family in a reasonable amount of time.

Permanent Guardianship Order- Like above the child is taken into custody but it is not anticipated to be short term or that the child would ever return to the family. A note- just because the word "permanent" is in there doesn't make it so. If, in five years, the family has corrected themselves and wishes to have the child then that child may be returned. (Remember, under the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act, the best place for a child is with their family.)

Permanency Placement Adoption- The date a child is placed with an adoptive family but an Adoption Order hasn't been granted. Everyone is working towards an Adoption Order.

Adoption Order- Full guardianship is given to the adoptive family as if the child was born to them.

Session 4- Trauma, Loss and Grief, and Attachment

Table of Contents
  • The Experience and Impact of Trauma
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Separation and Loss
  • Stages of the Grief Cycle
  • Caregiver Role in Helping Children
  • attachment
  • Factors that Influence Attachment
We watched the video ReMoved and it's second part Remember My Story. 

Reasons for  child to be removed from their families, as according to the Act. 
  1. The child is neglected by the guardian
  2.  The child has been physically injured or sexually abused by the guardian
  3. The guardian is unable or unwilling to protect the child from physical or sexual abuse
  4. The child has been emotionally injured by the guardian
  5. The guardian is unable or unwilling to protect the child from emotional injury
  6. The guardian has subjected the child or failed to protect the child from cruel and unusual treatment or punishment
In the first part, ReMoved, what reasons did you see for removing the children? What types of trauma did you see and how did or can that trauma impact the child?

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