Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Japan Travel Journal

This travel journal is STUFFED with stuff! I put so many different things into it. My travel buddy L asked why I just didn't space them out and use more pages but that just didn't seem like fun so I still have half a book to use for my next adventure.

See my trip posts here (look towards the bottom). What would you have put in the journal?

Some things I put in my journal:

  • plane boarding passes
  • plane menus
  • train tickets
  • reciepts
  • attraction maps
  • attraction tickets
  • (cleaned) snack wrappers and lids
  • stamps from attractions and train stations
  • a (cut up) shopping bag
  • owl feather from the owl cafe
  • little serving spoons and toothpicks
A tip: if you just tape down one side you can have many things on one page and also space to write about the item beneath it.

Starting on the left: Golden Pavilion's brochure, its entry ticket, the yellow beneath that is a hop on hop off bus pamphlet. On the right is a map of the Inari Shrine.

"Grass" from a grocery store sushi set, top from a Disney yogurt drink, lid from butterbeer ice cream from Universal, and an ice cream sandwich wrapper.

Entry tickets to Nijo Castle, a receipt, and a Arashiyama stamp stamp are folded up to show: stamps from Nijo Castle, Harry Potter photo pass info, the L is from eggs, and below that is the Universal Studios entry ticket.

The left page is about my trip to Nara. It has a deer sticker that I got free with a purchase as well as part of a wrapper from the deer cookies I bought for Y150. On the right is a a Y1 coin, a list of coin values and wrappers from convenience store riceball wrappers. The bottom one cost Y110 and was tuna and mayo flavoured.

More Nara items. On the right is a cut up shopping bag. The left has many items. Visible is  a long multi-lingual fortune paper from Todaiji Temple and below that is a stamp.

This a a stamp from Tokyo's Harajuku Station. The Tokyo JR train lines had stamps and papers but are difficult to find in larger stations. Some had Japanese and English and some just Japanese.

This page has items from the Tokyo owl cafe! I bought a souvenir photo because it has a Hello Kitty stuffy. Below the photo is the paper bag it came in and beside that on pink paper is a feather from a snowy owl. To the right you can see part of a train map that's on a different page.

Tokyo Tower had a stamp and the One Piece store below it also had a stamp. The top Kit Kat is green tea flavoured and the bottom was rum raisin.

This page has my Disney entry ticket (the pink one), my train pass (I got a day pass so I could keep the ticket) and a golden stamp I got from the Disney Store while shopping elsewhere. Folded out the way are snack wrappers.

Narita Airport had stamps meant for postcards but I just stamped a scrap cue card.

The airplane menu flying to Tokyo. The main course was between grilled black cod with daikon, carrot, misu, yu-choy burdock, konnyaku and steamed rice OR Barbecue chicken with smoky hickory suace, grits, grilled corn and carrots. I had the chicken.

These items are from Yokohama. On the left is part of a tray liner from the noodle bazaar (food court) at the CupNoodle Museum. I wrote which flavours L and I tried (there was 8 kinds, not including the Cup Noodle brand). On the right is the lid of My Cup Noodles that I "made" that day, the ticket to the museum (on the right), a ticket to the doll museum and flower stamps that could be used to fill in a pamphlet (that we couldn't find) of the garden festival happening.