Saturday, November 4, 2017

Japan Play Box

I picked up some items for a pretend play box while I was in Japan. While of course it's easier to visit a place to make a box it's not necessary; many items could be created, found at dollars stores or thrift stores or printed off. Everything here currently fits in a shoe box.

What would you put in this box?

Things I have in the box now:
  • Candy boxes- emptied, stuffed with paper and wrapped in tape for durability.
  • Drawstring pouch
  • Stacking toy
  • Wooden kokeshi doll
  • Play money
  • Eraser play foods
  • Receipts (photocopy and then laminate otherwise they could laminate and burn/blacken)
  • Hand towel
  • Fan
  • Airplane travel kit
  • Wallet
  • Leftover coins
  • Passport cover
  • Train map
  • Old wallet with "credit cards"

More things I can add:
  • Maps- country, city, transit, attraction specific
  • Pictures- places, people, food, everyday objects
  • Books- about places, people, things, colouring books
  • Airplane ticket
  • Train ticket
  • Toy train & plane
  • Chopsticks
  • Tracing page for words/numbers
  • Play food- rolled paper sushi, cardboard/cut out foods
  • Instructions for Japanese games eg tag, the stacking game (like Jenga)
  • Paper inside the passport cover to collect stamps, stickers, etc
  • Dress up items

This box can encourage play and learning in several different areas.
  • Social- how are Japanese people's lives different or the same?
  • Language- words that are similar/different, learn some words
  • Fine/gross motor- write Japanese characters (letters), chopsticks pickup game, building with legos/blocks, tag
  • Craft- fans, papers or yarn sushi, airplanes, kokeshi dolls, bags
  • Food- make real recipes, discuss similar/different foods, pretend cooking
  • Sensory- rice, water, sand

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