Saturday, October 21, 2017

Question for Bio Family Members for Foster / Adoptive Kids


I found a variety of questions to ask family members and compiled a list of questions I think that I, or my future child, would want to know about their biological family. Some of the questions can be used to research family trees and some are just general knowledge and fun facts.

I hope to have several pages printed out so that I can ask family members to fill them in and pass them to other members I might not have met. I thought having the pages filled in the person's own writing would be nice. For memories it might also be nice to record the storyteller and preserve their voice.

What questions would you want to know about your family?

  1. What is your full name? 
  2. Is there a nickname you go by? 
  3. How are you related to me? Are we related by blood? 
  4. Where and when were you born? 
  5. Did you have any siblings? If so what are their names? 
  6. What are your parents names? 
  7. Where did you grow up? 
  8. Have you lived anywhere else? 
  9. Where do you currently live? 
  10. What is your cultural heritage? 
  11. Are you married? If so who to? 
  12. Do you have any children? If so what are their names
  13. What is your favourite colour? 
  14. What is your favourite food? 
  15. What is a food you make often? 
  16. What is your favorite animal? 
  17. Do you have any pets? 
  18. What colour are your eyes? 
  19. What colour is your hair? 
  20. How tall are you? 
  21. How would you describe yourself? 
  22. Do you have a favorite shape? 
  23. What are some of your hobbies? 
  24. What is a favorite book or author? 
  25. Do you have a favorite childhood book? 
  26. What is a favourite movie? 
  27. What is a favorite TV show? 
  28. Do you have a favorite singer or band? 
  29. What would you say a talent is? 
  30. What is or was your occupation? 
  31. Do you have a favorite holiday or tradition? 
  32. Any medical conditions you might have? 
  33. Where did you go to school? 
  34. What was your favorite subject in school? 
  35. What was your least favorite subject in school? 
  36. Did you attend college or university? 
  37. Would you call yourself religious? 
  38. Would you say anyone in the family is famous? If so why
  39. Do you have a memory of me?
  40. What should I know but haven't asked?