Thursday, September 7, 2017

Alberta Adoption Process

I turned in all my paperwork recently and am waiting for the "all clear" on it and information on attending the training courses that are offered twice a year. I'm cutting it close to get into the upcoming classes so fingers crossed! That puts me on #3.

My adaption worker shared a flow chart with me that I wrote notes on but I thought I could share the process a bit from it.

  1. Apply for application
    1. Use the website to make contact. Include your mailing address and phone number along with your request.
    2. Start filling in your paperwork.
  2. Meet with adoption worker to ask questions and get more paperwork.
  3. Turn in all paperwork.
  4. Attend Orientation for Caregivers Training 
    1. Currently held twice a year. 
    2. It runs for 2 weekend though it can be divided up.
  5. Complete homestudy.
    1. Believe there's typically three visits though it depends on the number of people in the household.
  6. Either you're Approved and carry on this list or you're Not Approved and your file is closed.
  7. Homestudy goes to adoption services where it becomes part of a pool of potential placements for children available for adoption.
  8. Wait for a match. 
    1. The wider your "net" of special needs and/or disabilities the quicker you are likely to make a match.
    2. It was suggested that I widen my ages from 0-10 years to 0-13 but mention a preference of 3-10 as I would not be matched with any 11 year olds no matter how good of  a match it would have been otherwise.
  9. Match is made.
  10. Conference to determine suitability of match.
    1. Done internally, adopters not involved yet.
  11. If a match, info sharing with adopters to ensure full disclosure of child's info/history.
    1. You meet with as many people as possible involved with the child to learn about them, their needs, their history, etc.
  12. Applicants accept the match or decline and go back to waiting.
  13. Visits begin.
    1. Meeting the child.
    2. Everyone still accenting the match? Older children are asked their opinion and can choose to go forward or not.
  14. Placement with adoptive family.
    1. Depending on the child, family, situation, etc placement and transition could take place over a week or over a month or more.
    2. Adopting parents may get more involved with the child such as doing school pick up, bedtime routines, etc.
  15. Once the child is officially placed with you there's a guardianship period of approx 6 months while Child Services is still the guardian of the child and can step in and/or help as needed.
  16. Adoption is finalized.
    1. Legally and forever a family.

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