Thursday, August 24, 2017

Picnic Lunch for Diagon Alley

I packed part of lunch for when friends and I visited Calgary's Diagon Alley, Not only am I cheap (and 2 of 3 friends broke) but I figured that any line ups for food would be insane. My lunchkit holds 3 containers plus room for (frozen) juice boxes. The top portion of my lunch kit held a pop and water for myself. The below was for myself and 3 friends.

(I was trying to do HP names and themes but the final choices fit nicer in the containers and were on hand.)

I packed:

  • pizza buns
  • crackers
  • cheese spread and peanut butter (for crackers)
  • cheese sticks
  • candy (chocolate for dementors)
  • granola bars
Other ideas I had:
  • turkey handpies (pasties)
  • peanut sauce noodles (devil's snare noodles)
  • licorice (licorice wands)
  • gummy worms (flobberworms)
  • cupcakes (cauldron cakes)
  • Ferrero Rocher choclates (snitchs)
  • pumpkin cookies (well, pumpkin anything for pumpkin juice)
  • butterscotch pudding (butterbeer pudding)
What would you put in your Harry Potter lunch?