Thursday, August 17, 2017

Diagon Alley, Calgary

Calgary hosted it's second annual Diagon Alley July 31 so friends and I went to visit. They estimated that 40, 000 people attended their first year.


Stores changed their names, quidditch was played, and fun was had. Of course, butterbeer was consumed. I'll have to visit the area again as I saw a lot of interesting things.

Over 47 business in the neighborhood participated, not to mention the support from other local groups and events. Some of the store names:
  • CROOKSHANK‘S CORNER (Regal Cat Cafe)
  • GODRIC’S HOLLOW (Kienna Cafe)
  • FLOURISH AND BLOTT’S (Pages Books on Kensington)

There were a bunch of photo ops, sales, people in costumes, and unique things to see and do. I would definitely recommend attending one year, just be prepared for the crowds! I packed a partial lunch for us to watch during quidditch and it filled us up but left room for the snacks we wanted to try.