Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Japan: Part 5: Tokyo Disney Resort

Monday April 17th

Our first day of Disney!

Looking back I would have preferred to move apartment so that we were closer to Disney for our days but at the time I did not think the half hour train ride was going to be a big deal. I forgot to calculate in rush hour work times And the fact I was in freaking Tokyo. You know pictures and videos where you see men shoving you on to train so the doors can close? Yeah I don't think it got quite that bad but it was definitely way out of the our norm and we thought we were visiting after the major rush as would be done. Wrong!

Anyway-- since we could not order our Disney tickets online we have to line up for them. This did not actually turn out to be a big deal as there was nobody in line and we got to have the physical souvenir tickets. Keep in mind when you do get your tickets if you're there for more than one day you have to choose which park you want to visit on which day. Since we were there for three days we did Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland and then both parks on our last day.

DisneySea is unique because there's no other Disney park like it. Instead of having Tomorrowland or Frontierland they have lands named after water areas.

The first area we visited was the American Waterfront where I promptly bought a ShellieMay stuffed bear. We got our fast passes for the Tower of Terror and had our first treats our little green men dumplings which were so delicious. This ride has a different ride theme than the usual Twilight Zone so I'm glad I knew a bit of the background story to help us understand what was going on.  I used the TDR Wait Time Check and it worked very well for us.

I was not the oldest nor the oddest person taking pictures of her bear or wearing bear-themed outfits. They love Duffy and his friends in Tokyo. A new rabbit friend was released when we attended and she looked to be flying off the shelves. They had limits on how many Duffy-brand thing you could buy.

We also took pictures of the Easter eggs if they had inside the Waterfront Park Disneyland was having a more traditional Easter celebration whereas DisneySea went for a fashionable Easter motif.

We went to a couple plays and they were great! The app was able to tell us the plot and we figured out the rest. With the Little Mermaid we could sing along but with Out of Shadowland we didn't understand the singing but got the idea. We laughed, when we went to line up for Shadowland the cast member told us it was only in Japanese which is what we figured it would be. Maybe other plays have headsets to translate?

We hit up most of the rides we needed too and left before close to get supper at Ikispari (Downtown Disney).

Pennies Collected: 9 (+ 1 for a present)

Tues April 18

On to Disneyland today. We scurried to the Monster's Inc. ride and had a short wait. It was an interactive ride and very cute. We were able to find our first eggs here too!

We worked our way around Tomorrowland and back to Toon Town where we stayed for the parade Usatama on the Run which was very cute. The first couple rows have to sit on their bums (not even their knees) so that everyone can see and the cast members teach a hand-dance to the music.

We had lunch at the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant and that was a mistake. The burger with gravy I got was horrible. I only ate half and that was forcing myself too because I paid money for it damnit. The theming and decorations were amazing though.

We continued our way around the park, hitting up rides and hunting down eggs and usatama. I don't have much in my journal about this day as we got home late and I was tired but we did nearly everything we had too before we claimed a spot against the wall for the parade (an updated Electrical Parade). Fireworks were cancelled again.

Pennies Collected: 24 (+ 1 present)

Wed April 19

Our last day let us park hop so we started in DisneySea to get the last couple rides we missed. We also grabbed lunch here as there seemed to be a wider variety in this park and then we scurried over to Disneyland to go on the now-open Winnie the Pooh ride.

Wow- it was busy! Maybe because Pooh had opened again after a hiatus? We ended up standing in line afor Pooh for an hour before trying to find all the usatama. We left early as we figured the play we' were debating going to had all ready been fully lined up judging by the other play line we were watching.

On our meander out of the park we caught the bicycle-piano man. I believe I read somewhere that he's Canadian but we didn't chat, just enjoyed his show.

We went to Ikisapri; to TGIF's for supper.

Pennies Collected: Enough to fill up a book after fitting up machines a second time.

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