Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

For my birthday B & E joined me for an out of this world experience. We signed up at the Telus Spark science center in Calgary for the Starfleet! This traveling exhibit is in Calgary until June 4 2017.

Work your way through the different sections of the exhibit to see what area of expertise you will be working in. Will you be Command material? Or perhaps Tactical or Medical or even Science. There's hands-on activities, quizzes and props to keep you entertained. At the end you'll get a graduation certificate.

I'll do my best not to spoil much for people planning a visit but you may not want to continue reading.

My overall thoughts:

This exhibit seemed a lot faster to get through than any of the other I've done. Part was that we managed to visit on a low-crowd day but part was that besides the obvious hands-on activities there wasn't much else to do/read. There wasn't movie clips or behind the scene trivia, and not as many props and I would have hoped. While there was some info about how some technology from Star Trek has been made into realities it was usually just a quick blurb. This was not my favourite exhibit that I've been too but it was fun to do.

This is part of the Hall of Fame for the communications area. To the right is the computer where you take your quiz. At the end, after you've visited each station and taken the quiz, you find out what area you'll be in at graduation. Quiz questions are based off the Hall of Fame and props. 


Learn some Klingon on here. This was difficult as there was three stations making noise, not to mention the other people. A couple people sounded like they spoke Klingon and it didn't seem they did much better than my group, it's just too difficult to speak into the microphone.


Can you find and diagnose the Klingon on the table with a tricorder? Dr. Crusher's outfit is on display here to inspire you!


Plot the safest course for your ship to the space station. Watch out for planetary gravity and more!


How accurate are you with a phaser? Me? Don't give me a weapon, it won't end well. You can see E or B holding the phaser on the left side of the picture.


This is the last section of the academy and it took the longest as there's a famous test taking place. Sit in the captain's chair or take a seat closer to the view screen!

Have you been through Starfleet Academy? I was a communications officer, what about you? 

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