Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spain 2011

Sept 2011 I took a trip with my family and a friend to visit Spain. I thought I might share some of the pictures I took while there. Here's a link to my travel journal as well.

This was located at a beach, which we visited a couple times in Marbella. It's called Torre Ladrones but unfortunately the info sign they had was only in Spanish so I didn't know much about it until now (thanks, Wikipedia!). Translated to Thieves Tower it was built during a period of Arab domination of the area and is the tallest watch tower on the Malaga coast at 15 meters high.Can you see little me?

This is the Iglesia de los Trinitarios Descalzos in Ronda and dates back to 1663. 

This is the chute inside of the oldest bull fighting ring in Spain, the first fight being in 1785. The bulls would be in the individual rooms and the ropes would be pulled to release them towards the ring.

Part of the stands of the arena. Right next door is a bull fighting museum that has a skull of a MASSIVE bull's head was well a past costumes, posters and more.

Near the bull fighting ring and museum is the New Bridge. Is is the newest and largest of three bridges that crosses the Guadalevin River that divides Ronda. The bridge was finished in 1793.

Down 231 steps carve into the opposite side of the gorge is the river. This water mine tunnels 60 meters down and could be used to protect the water source in the 14th century. 

This was the end of the water mine. A large metal grate was placed so that visitors could relax and enjoy the view. Just around to the left would be New Bridge. There were pictures of Michelle Obama visiting here. 

To get into the English country of Gibraltar you have to cross an active plane landing strip. This picture is taken from atop near the Rock of Gibraltar which is home to the Pillars of Hercules.

Hercules used his demi-god strength to separate Africa and Europe and created the narrow opening of water between Spain and Morocco. On clear days you can see Morroco 22 km away.

Have you been to Spain? Do you you have any favourite places to visit? 

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