Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Clean / Dirty Magnet for the Dishwasher

To make it easier on myself and the roommate I made a simple magnet that showed up the dishwasher was clean or dirty.

The first attempt held up very well considering the lack of effort I put into it. All I used was a free magnet I got in the mail, some glue, and some paper to write on. I would estimate that this attempt held up three or four months before the paper started to peel off.

For my second attempt I added some extra features on to help it last longer. This time not only did I glue the paper on but I also use packing tape to help seal it over top. I also used a piece of ribbon glued on the back to try and help me flip it. (A couple uses in the ribbon is very useful.)

We'll see how this one turns out. Has anyone else made a similar project? I'd love any tips or hints that you might have.