Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drinking Games for Movies: The Sequel

Have you already seen Round One? We just do a simple "sip when" for all the ideas. And there's no rule saying the drink has to be alcoholic!

Any Indiana Jones movie
  • someone says Dr. Jones
  • when Indy uses his whip
  • when there's a snake
  • when Nazis or Hitler is mentioned
Level It Up With:
  • there's a reference to a museum
  • when there's an airplane
  • when Pikachu says his name
  • when Ash does something stupid
  • when Team Rocket is on screen
Level It Up With:
  • any Pokemon says their name
  • when viewers make smartass comments
  • when someone dies
  • when Reba is on screen
  • when you see a graboid (monster)
Level It Up With:
  • when Kevin Bacon is on screen
  • when a zombie bites someone
  • when someone dies
  • someone mentions scouts/scouting
Level It Up With:
  • when there's blood splatter
  • when something gross happens