Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Board Game Fun: Sushi Go Party!

Friends and I played a new board game at our Christmas party. Sushi Go Party is a great game with a lot of variety so the game doesn't get old.

About the game:

  • "The Deluxe Pick and Pass Card Game"
  • distributed by Gamewright
  • recommended for ages 8+
  • for 2-8 players
  • 20 minutes of game play
  • contains 181 cards and 22 menu tiles
Each game lets you create a new and unique menu of eight items; create your own or use the suggestions in the book. Get the most points through the three rounds to become the champion!

Will your goal be to collect the most points or make your friends stumble?

We played three different menus and I loved each one. The bright, colourful and adorable food items of Sushi Go Party were definitely a big part of it. The rules were easy to understand after a game and the instruction book was easy to read and reference while we were learning. 

After dealing out the cards each player puts their chosen card face down and everyone flips their cards over at the same time. Pass your remaining cards to the player next to you and repeat until you run out of cards! Keep your desert cards and reshuffle the deck for round two.

Sounds easy but you aren't playing with a full deck, are the cards you want even in play? Did you start collecting something that will subtract points if you don't have enough? Or maybe you'll lose points if you collect too many of the same card! Is someone else collecting the same foods? Who knew sushi could cause so much trouble?

Have you played Sushi Go Party before? What did you think of it?

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