Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Road Trip to the East

Since I had Remembrance Day off I kidnapped B for a roadtrip  to knock off a couple more Big Things.

First Stop was Castor! Castor, for those that don't know, is French for "beaver" so of course it has a beaver statue. The swirly metal beaver near the town entrance off highway 12. I'd estimate that the beaver was 4 feet tall, ignoring the rock base it was on.

I forgot to take a picture without my head covering the beaver's head but found one for you guys.
Next was Hughenden. My very detailed map and notes said to look for a flower. I'm super helpful. The welcome sign had pink flowers so I figured we'd look for it but it was actually a 14 foot tall brown-eyed susan.

B and I pulled up to it we both thought it looked like a paper plate flower. The petal parts are actually painted on a tractor tire. Being the mature adults we are B and I giggled like mad when we saw the fence had an unlocked gate around back... and a entire section of fence missing. I made sure to lock the gate when we left.

A short drive away is Chauvin, near the Sask border! Chauvin has a soft ball that has an odd femine face painted on it. It also has a small blue baseball hat on it that I thought made it look like a Christmas ornament. It is 6 feet in diameter.

Next was Wainwright to see a town about a bison. Apparently there's a handful of statues and painting around but we found one that's 10 feet tall. Why bison? Because Wainwright was home to Bison National Park and still has bison on the military base, according to the Alberta's History billboard we read. 

Last was Galahad. B was excited because of the tie-in to Kingsmen and, as I remind her, Arthurian legend. There was a knight on a horse, Sir Galahad of course, and the streets are named after other characters. But alas, no Lady in the Lake road.

We couldn't find the mosquito we were looking for so I was a little bummed but as we left to visit my parents for a bathroom break we found it! The flying bug, which I'm told look more dragonfly-ish than mosquito, is on one side of the road and there's a warrior on the other side. A knight battling a dragon ha ha.

We packed snacks and lunch so the only cost to the trip was a tank of gas. I only have a couple more places to visit that are within a day's trip. Most of my places left to visit are very North.

Have you been to any of these places? Have you seen any of the other Big Things? If you'd like a list of Albertan Big Things and their locations click on the tab at the top of the website!

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