Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lifebook Resources

Lifebooks are similar-ish to baby books but are generally made for adopted or foster care children to fill out parts of their life they may not remember or may forget. I thought I would gather together some links and ideas as I periodically look up lifebooks but find the info and selection available to be lacking at times.

I've read that most people don't know where to start and so put off making a book but others say that you can always make changes as the child grows or as you learn more but the important things is that you started. Don't get discouraged, do your best.

I would suggest writing down everything you know even if you don't add it to the book at the time. Perhaps, as the child grows, they might wish to know more info that you once knew but had forgotten. Even something insignificant, such as mom's favourite colour or food, could be something that comforts the child.

(I do not currently have any children so these are currently only opinions and suggestions. I'd love to hear from anyone that's made a lifebook or is currently making one.)

  1. A table of contents and examples of a couple pages. (A favourite of mine)
  2. What not to put into a life book
  3. Best Ideas on How to Complete a Lifebook for your Adopted for Foster Child
  4. 7 Ways to Start Your Child's Lifebook
  5. Adoption lifebook blog series
  6. Life book blank pages(for sale)
  7. Blank pages (for sale)
  8. Blank pages (for sale)
  9. Making a Lifebook
  10. Adoption Lifebooks: Do's and Don'ts
  11. A variety of examples
  12. Colourful blank pages in English and Spanish (A favourite of mine)
  13. Black and white blank pages (a favourite of mine)
  14. A template on Mixbook
  15. What day of the week was...
  16. What was the weather on my birthday?
  17. On This Day Historical events, famous birthdays and deaths.
  1. Newspaper headlines
  2. Prime minster/president/etc
  3. What song was at #1 on the charts?
  4. Newly released movie near their birthday
  5. Popular TV shows
  6. Price of things eg- movie tickets, gas, milk, etc.
  7. Family tree
  8. About mom/dad/guardian
  9. About siblings
  10. List of people/foster families they lived with (with contact info if possible)
  11. Where they've lived
  12. Report cards, school work, artwork, etc.
  13. Schools attended, teachers, etc.
  14. Milestones: first tooth, word, steps, etc.
  15. Info about their birth place eg- location, size, interesting places
  16. Meaning of name(s), why it was chosen
  17. World events of the year
  18. Day of the week
  19. Weather
  20. Birth stats
  21. How/why they went into foster care or were placed for adoption
  22. Holidays/special days

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