Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In Depth Adoption Timeline... So Far

I thought I might share a more in depth time line of my attempt to start an adoption process. A basic timeline can be found through the tab at the top of my website.

I suggest that if you wish to get more information on Alberta adoption that you use the "send us a message" option the Human Resources website.

I would also suggest keeping notes of who and when you make any contact attempts so you can refer back as needed. Expect any responses to take a week so.

  • Tues, Sept 6
    • I emailed asking for adoption info. (I attempted to find a "more direct" email address than the one mentioned above. Don't do that; use the one above.)
  • Fri, Sept 9
    • I received a voice mail saying I could call Alberta Support in Red Deer to get more info.
  • Mon, Sept 12
    • I called Red Deer back, left a message.
    • Left another message later that week.
  • ? Mon, Sept 19
    • Around this time I called the Red Deer front desk phone number and was given an Edmonton number to call.
  • Wed, Sept 21
    • I called the Edmonton phone number. They told me that I should call Olds as that is my district office.
    • Called Olds and left a message.
  • Fri, Sept 23
    • Left another message at Olds
  • Tues, Sept 27
    • Emailed through website saying I was unable to reach Olds. "Perhaps someone was on vacation? Was I calling the right number? I'd love to be contact by email!"
  • Wed, Sept 28
    • Got an email back. Yes, I'm calling the right number. They've forwarded my email to Olds. They sent me info on the basic requirements to adopt.
  • Mon, Oct 3
    • Got an email from Olds. They're going to mail me an info pack and the phone number of a caseworker to contact.
  • Thurs, Oct 6
    • Received my info pack. Very interesting stuff included. 
  • Fri, Oct 14
    • Called the caseworker to ask more questions or schedule an appointment to call. Left a message with my email.
  • Fri, Oct 21
    • Caseworker returned my call and left a message. She'll send me an email that might answer some questions.
    • I emailed her back to schedule an appointment to call to ask questions. I let her know my work hours and breaks. 
  • Fri, Nov 3 
    • Set up phone call
  • Mon, Nov 7
    • Unable to contact for our phone call.
    • Made second appointment.
  • Wed, Nov 9
    • Contacted caseworker and asked questions.
    • Have to delay applying until my roommate leaves.
    • Start applying July/Aug 2017
I'm looking forward to the next step. I could have delayed getting this info until next year but I'm glad I got most of my questions answered and some of the "what if"s out of my head.

Is anyone else in the process of adopting? Did you find the info process to be... as time consuming as I did?