Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween Lacing Craft


I've been looking for an excuse to make lacers so I decided to make Halloween themed ones for my friend's kids. I found some cute drawings of lacers online but unfortunately they wouldn't print nicely for me so I instead found generic Halloween pictures that I printed off 2 to a page (5x7 size, approx).

After cutting them out I punched out holes. I should have put bit more thought into where the laminating wouldn't be cut as I wasn't able to get to a hole in the cat's neck. 

It important to cut out the shapes and punch the holes before laminating so that the plastic can seal around the edges. Cutting the shapes after laminating would cause the laminating to FAIL and the same applies to the holes. I would have preferred to punch a larger hole before laminating and then a smaller hole after for a perfect seal but unfortunately I only have the one size of punch. 

Generally lacers have holes around the edges only but on the spider web I did two rows so the kid would be able to make a web design.

After they were laminated I punched out the holes again and then used a thin yarn to thread them. I tied a knot at one end to stop fraying and at the opposite end I wrapped it in packing tape that I cut into a pointed shape to act as a needle. A plastic safety needle would also work well.

Hopefully the kids enjoy their activity and developing their fine motor skills.Maybe I'll make some Christmas ones for them?

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