Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fixing My Broken Bowl

When I broke one of my favourite bowls I nearly cried; I know I screamed (mental note: don't count on the roommate in an emergency). Thankfully it broke in two clean pieces so I set them aside and started to research how to fix it.

This bowl and another similar to it were bought when I was in college. It was from a wonderful china store in the Pacific Mall in Calgary. Sadly the store is no longer there and is missed. I tried to look up the bowl online to see about getting a replacement and while the company is still around there's only used bowls of this design.

I had partially hoped to fix it in the Japanese fashion- using coloured glue to highlight the crack. I've most often seen tea cup that are fixed in gold. The broken cups are carefully fixed and treasured, not tossed aside when broken. The pieces are stunning.

I wasn't able to find coloured glue but I found some to fix it none the less. The trick was finding a non-toxic glue so that I could continue to eat from the bowl after. I used Elmer's China and Glass Cement glue. I managed to get it quite cheap as I had a 50% off coupon to use at Michael's. The glue was approx $3.50 before the discount. 

I only had to hold the bowl together for a minute before I left it to set for about ten minutes while I had lunch. After that I started to wipe away the excess wet glue with a damp paper towel and later scratched the dried stuff off.

The bowl still needs to sit for several hours (16 hours before dishwasher use, full strength is 3-7 days away) but my bowl looks wonderful. You can barely tell it was broken!

(This glue says it's good for glass, ceramics, pottery, and china. Glass can take 2-3 days before dishwasher use and 7 days for full strength.) 

EDIT: As of March 26 2017 the bowl is still going strong. It's been put through the dishwasher's top rack multiple times. I can see the crack but I think that's because I know it's there.