Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dinosaur Lap Book

One of my little friend's is in love with dinosaurs and I was looking for any excuse to make a lap book so I made him a present.

Lap books are made from file folders and contain various info one one subject. I'm not entirely sure I made mine correctly but I'm mostly pleased with how it came out.

The front doesn't stay closed so I think I folded it wrong but I decorated it with some dinos he can colour.

When you open it up there's several different things to explore.

In the upper left are more dinos to colour and next to that are some trading cards. These cards have pictures of various dinos with a human shape next to them to show size as well as some interesting facts like their name, what it means, what they ate, their size, and an interesting scientific fact. 

On the left is dino footprints. I stacked them so that more would fit in the small area. I though the hidden aspect might make it a bit more interesting as well. I don't understand the website unfortunately but the picture only has names on it.

Next to that is a map of the world. There's lines from the dinos on the outside showing where they've been found. Should this prove popular it could lead into more discussions about countries and continents.

On the bottom left is two books that show some carnivore and some herbivore dinos. These eight page books are folded from one sheet of paper and have room for notes at the bottom of each page. I wish I had been able to find a book about omnivores to add.

Right of the books are little flip pages that explain what herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore means.

What do you think? There's tons of lap book topics to be created. Have you made one?

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