Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vulcan: Live Long and Prosper

"Klingon: What do you want in Vulcan?"

While Vulcan, AB isn't very "big and exciting" I would recommend a day trip there. They host an annual convention called Spock Days that have special guests and the like if you need something "more".

I visited while on a roadtrip and enjoyed the town during my brief visit. Some things to do include visiting the spaceship statue, the tourist booth, the local museum, and the Star Trek museum, and of course wandering around.

First! The Wandering!

Thee town originally had streets named after planets and space items. The town of Vulcan is named after a god, not after Star Trek so this makes sense. Hell, it makes sense the other way around too.

There's several murals around the town that I had fun watching for. Some are large (the length of a building) and some are small. Many store names are Trekkie-d, the crosswalks are unique, and there's a Walk of Fame.

 Second! The Tourism and Trek Station.

Near the Enterprise statue is the tourist building. In one room there is tons of Trek items to look at. Most of these items were donated from one man's collection. You can buy your own Spock ears here to up your coolness.

Third! The Spaceship!

Of course you have to visit the roadside attraction. There's also a solar powered "flower" near it that lights up at night. Left of Tigger is also a photo op, one where you can choose with character you want to be the face of. The faces you don't use have a cover instead of a gaping hole which is nice. 

Fourth! Trekcetera!

While the attraction is mostly Star Trek there are some items from Harry Potter, Captain America, Terra Nova and a couple others.

Dumbledor's will and the crane made by Malfoy.
Christopher Reeve's walking cape.

The room that had the "other" attractions had a video playing that explained some of the items in each exhibit. The photos displayed of Superman were taken in Calgary by one of the co-founders himself. The cape is designated as a walking cape, but I'm not sure what makes it different from a flying cape. Other towns nearby were filmed in Superman, perhaps you could make a roadtrip to see them.

The same co-founder spoke to me and the other people present in the Star Trek section. We even got to hold a phaser that Data had originally used. I might have squealed a bit on the inside.

I had skimmed the smaller items but had missed the fun parts. Thankfully it was pointed out to us. Below are medical "injectors". They're actually salt and pepper grinders. Because of the TV qualities when originally filmed the small writing wouldn't be viable so they had jokes on them. The pepper has Gilligan's Island theme song and the salt warns not to pull Superman's cape. Little jokes like that were littered around the sets and props.

Of course there's costumes. They have a goal of getting a costume from every character so keep an eye out! While I'm not a big enough fan to recognize many of the costumes by sight alone many outfits had a picture of the character wearing them so that was very helpful. It was interesting to learn a bit of "behind the scenes" about various outfits. I think my favourite outfit was a maternity Klingon outfit but I strangely did not take a picture of it.

Well, are you planning a trip yet?

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