Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DIY Pirate's Hat

I was watching a little buddy and his Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD when one episode gave me an idea. Captain Hook had lost his hat and later Jake and his friends got their own hats. I remembered years ago, when I was a kid, that I had helped make a newspaper hat that would be perfect for pirates.

Because this craft involves two hands for most of the parts I didn't get many good pictures but I hope you're able to follow along.

1- Upfold and lay 3-4 pieces of newspaper on the floor or a table.

2- Place the papers atop the kid's head and let the papers drape downwards.

3- Using tape (packing or masking works best), tape around the kid's forehead and around the back of their head two times.

4- Take the hat off and use your hands to roll up the ends of the paper towards the head part, creating a brim.

5- Decorate! We painted but I remember gluing Pogs on mine and using stickers.