Sunday, October 2, 2016

Disney World's Anniversary

Orlando's Walt Disney World turned 45 yesterday!

Here are some of my posts about my visit there:

And some facts you might find interesting!
  • There are more than 270 buses, 12 monorail trains, water taxis, and ferries that transport guests from park to park each day.
  • Animal Kingdom occupies 403 acres of land.
  • Mickey Mouse has more than 300 costumes.
  • Minnie has more than 200.
  • Spaceship Earth (the "giant golfball") weighs 16 million pounds.
  • A glass eye and prosthetic leg are among the oddest things to end up in Lost & Found.
  • It would take you over 68 years to stay one night in every resort room.
  • Celebration, Florida is a Disney created town.
  • Admission was originally $3.50.