Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Northern Alberta Road Trip Part 1

L and I had some vacation time that worked together around the Sept long weekend so we decided to take a road trip to see more of Alberta's Big Things. We skipped some of the planned items but picked up a couple extras in their place. We left Sept 1 and returned Sept 2 2016.

Heading south we stopped at Trochu. While I've seen the golf tee many times I've never stopped to see it up close. It's, of course, located at the golf course. I'm not able to find info about it's size but it's big, see tiny me next to it?

Cochrane made us climb a hill to get to the statue but it was pretty. One page said it's 1 1/3 times life-size. This is located in Cochrane Ranche Park which seemed to be a popular walking area for people and dogs.

After lunch we headed towards Canmore. We kept an eye out around Ghost Lake but were unable to spot a large chair. We did stop to see this old church even though we didn't walk closer to it.

Canmore is really quite beautiful. We got a weird look from the lady at the tourist booth when we asked where the big rooster was but she looked it up and found it! The 7 foot tall rooster was near the high school, an inukshuk was near that, and the head was along Main Street. We also had a chance to visit a street market. There was going to be Highland Games that weekend. It's a busy place!

We had a quick stop in Banff to see the creepy merman and we were off through the National Park! The car started to act up so we turned on the heat to hopefully cool the engine down so then we had to roll down the windows to stay cool.

We didn't see any wildlife while travelling through the park. We started saying "wildlife" when we saw birds. We saw 19 birds but we started thinking that maybe the same two kept following us as it seemed to be two ravens that we mostly saw.

We stopped at the Columbia Ice Fields to stretch our legs and giggled over our Canadian-ness. We were strolling around in t-shirts perfectly fine and saw tourists bundled in down-filled jackets. There is tours and various stuff to do at the stop but we just wandered in to the bathrooms. I did happen to find penny presses and some giant stuffed animals to pose with though.

We made it to Jasper as it was getting dark and were unable to find the bear I was looking for but we did a train and totem pole.

After grabbing some supper we left to spend the night in Hinton. Stay tuned for the second part of the trip!

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