Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snack Attack

Lately I've been chowing down on cheese and crackers. I like the little travel packs but man I sure don't like those prices! So I bought my own cheese spread and crackers and made my own.

(These were priced at No Frills Aug 21 2016)

Ritz is $1.49 and the store brand is $0.99 for the same 87 grams. Per serving you're paying $0.50 for name brand and $0.33 for store. Will my homemade version be cheaper?

Each serving contains 4 crackers. The store brand crackers I bought would cost $0.02 for each of the 225 servings ($5.02 for 900 grams). Ritz crackers would cost an estimated $0.60 for 50 servings ($2.97 for 200 grams). 

My four crackers weigh 11 grams, leaving me with 18 grams for cheese.

The store brand on the left is $4.49 for 500 g and the Cheese Whiz on the right is $5.99 for 450 g. (I lucked out and got 900 g Cheese Whiz for $4.97. The sign told me that'd a saving of about $3.00.)

The store brand would cost $0.16 for the 27 servings and name brand would cost $0.24 for its 25 servings. (With my sale it would cost $0.10 for 50 servings.)

So, how much does my homemade version cost? The store brand version costs $0.18 each or $0.54 for 3 servings.  That's a savings of $0.45 total! I could have 5 servings for less than the packed set.

What about the name brand? Each serving is $0.84 or $2.52 for 3. That's a higher cost by $1.03 per pack! If you're looking for name brand I'd suggest buying the individual packs or wait for a sale.

Another yummy idea is to eat peanut butter (and chocolate chips!) on your crackers. If I recall correctly peanut butter is cheaper than cheese spread by a dollar or more.

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