Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Play Food Ideas

I've been slowly scanning labels and boxes of food as I empty them. I have plans to (eventually) make "food" for my friends' kids that they can buy with their money.

I'm thinking of using toilet paper rolls for canned items but I'm not quite sure what to use for boxed foods. Perhaps pasta boxes? They're a fairly small size so it might work nicely. To help preserve the food I would stuff the boxes with crumpled paper and laminate/tape the boxes shut.

Just the right size of box?
I also have the idea of using real spice bottles to make salt and pepper shakers. I think that using white and black pony beads and gluing the lids shut (to prevent them from being lost) would work lovely.

Have you made any play foods? Below are some fun sites I found around the internet for your enjoyment.

The Sew'er, a Caker, A Copy-cat Maker She used her labels on wooden blocks to make them more durable.

Lowes used wooden dowels to make their cans for fruit and veggies.

This French website has tons of printable and fold-able items to make a grocery story. I think the veggies would be lovely on a stick and in a play garden! These "flat foods" would be good if you don't have much space or for a travel/quiet activity.

Kids Activity Blog has everything you need to make a flat sandwich shop. From ingredients to utensils you'll be ready for the crowds.