Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Southern Alberta Roadtrip Part 1

I've been saying for years and years that I want to travel around the province and see the "World's Largest" things we have. I kept putting it off, feeling like I had to do it in one trip or not at all. Well, I finally decided to get off my ass and go do part of it.

For Canada Day long weekend I packed myself up and took a weekend trip to visit 15 different southern Alberta towns.

I made a personal Google map with all the "big things" places so I could plan this trip and future ones. Check it out here! There's 65 places to visit. If you click on the town it tell you what's found there.  This website has lists and pictures (by province/territory) of big things; it's missing a couple spots but it's a good starting point. I made a list of Alberta items, the link located near the top of the main page.

Roughly estimated budget:
Gas                  $100.00
Hotel(s)           $100.00
Food                $75.00

Total                $275.00

Real budget:
Gas                  $86.27 (used $15 FasGas litre log dollars)
Hotel(s)           $156.36 (2 separate nights)
Food                $40.32
Attractions      $15.00 (1 museum & a couple donations)

Total               $297.95

My 48 hour roadtrip was a success! My buddy Tigger came along. He photographed better than I did.

My first stop was Drumheller to see the World's Biggest Dinosaur. I also found some flowers that may or may not be a future part of the spray park. The t-rex is 25 m (82 ft) tall and 46 m (252 ft) long. You can climb inside him and look out his mouth.

(Have some time? Visit the tiny church or Royal Tyrrell Museum.)

Next was Rosedale's miner. I didn't realize it was there but I swung over to take a picture. It turned out very dark.

(Have some time? Visit the suspension bridge.)

I spent the night in Medicine Hat before heading out to the tepee in the morning. I didn't go looking for the moose statue. The Saamis Tepee was built in 1988 for the Calgary Olympic Games and is 20 stories tall.

Off on highway 3 to Bow Island. Bow Island had 4 attractions, I managed to see 3. I missed the sunflower but saw the bean (18 ft high Pinto McBean), an oil derrick (a baby one), and a golf putter. The bean is because they're know for the edible dry bean production.

Next was supposed to be Vauxhall but on my search for the sunflower I continued towards Taber. Taber is known for corn and so has corn stalks. And a giant woman in front of a tire store. 

Travel North and you'll hit Vauxhall. They have two potatoes because the're the "potato capital of the West." Back down through Taber and back onto 3 towards Chin.

Chin was supposed to have a trout along the highway but I couldn't find it. I also did a quick loop around the tiny place. 

Further down the highway is Lethbridge. It has a wind gauge because Lethbridge has been called "the windy city." I wanted to visit the Japanese Garden but it seems to be connected to the main park for the city and I was unable to find a place to park due to Canada Day.

(Have some time? Visit the Japanese Garden.)

That's the end of Part 1. Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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