Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Japan is Inching Closer: Itinerary

Did you read the budget yet? Don't forget to check it out!

I found a couple great tours to help me plan my trip. While I won't follow the tours exactly it's nice to know what's a a good way to travel, what's near each other, and some facts on the places and attractions. L will follow my lead in the planning which is nice. There's not many "must see" things on my list so it should be a fairly easy-going trip.

Do you have any suggestions for a first-time visitor?


After landing near Tokyo we'll go to Kyoto, about 3 hours away by bullet train. Due to the flight our landing will be on day 2 of the vacation. Depending on schedules we have a half day after arriving to wander around near the hotel. Early to bed, I imagine.

We'll have 4 days to spend around Kyoto. Some things we'll try to see are: Golden Pavilion, Fushimi-Inari Temple, the bamboo forest, Philosopher's Path, Nijo Castle, and hopefully some geisha. 

We'll also take a day trip to nearby Nara to see the very friendly wild deer, the large bronze Buddha statue, and Heijo Palace.

Day 7 has us travelling to Tokyo. We have another 6 days in Tokyo.

I only need to see a few key things in Tokyo (Tokyo Tower and Shibuya crossing) so we'll mostly be exploring the different districts to see what strikes our fancy. There's tons of beautiful shrines, temples, and parks hiding everywhere. 

A day trip to the Ghibli Studio Museum will of course happen. This small museum is jam packed with wonders and is a short trip outside of Tokyo. My little cousin got to attend a lecture by Mr. Mayao Miyazaki at her art school in New York!


2 days have been allocated to Disney! Originally I had though I would only get to visit 1 of the parks but the schedule lets us visit both (DisneySea and Disneyland) without cutting anything out. It will have Easter decorations up for when we visit and be "slow". The parks are supposed to be much more crowded than I'm used to in the USA parks so I have to lower my use expectations and raise my wait time limit.


Day 14 has arrived and it's time to fly home to Canada!