Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wreck This Journal

Recently I bought a Wreck This Journal and I'm slowly working through it. I had made my own in the past but my dog ate it because I glued popcorn on one section. Have you done this book?

Just like the title says, the goal of this craft book is to wreck it. It gives you prompts on each page that you choose how you'll follow through. By the end the book should be trashed... creatively. 

DIY: grab any notebook (suggested pages bigger than 5x7, 20+ pages). Write prompts in the book by jumping around pages (don't go in order). Google has links to tons of Tumbr blogs of suggestions and how people followed through. I had a "popcorn" page for me and my friends (who got the books for Christmas) because we worked at the movie theater. I'll put some page ideas at the bottom for anyone that's interested. 
Collect dead bugs here.

Here are some pages I've done!
Collect the letter "W" here.

Make a paper chain.

Some Ideas/Prompts
  • sew what
  • animal prints
  • mud/dirt
  • around the world
  • make an airplane
  • pressed flowers
  • animal hair
  • trace items/hands/feet
  • fruit stickers
  • write with your opposite hand/upside down/backward 
  • take a bath
  • collect autographs
  • words- 4 letters, starts with ___

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