Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Japan is Inching Closer: Budgeting

I'm planning Japan for April 2017. L is most likely joining me which will be awesome because then I don't have to buy a selfie stick!

As I like to be very prepared I've done my budget as well as itineraries. I thought I might share some of the budget of my future trip with you.

I'm planning on going in early April because we'll catch the end of cherry blossom season, Easter at Disney, and mild weather (10-17 C). Including travel days I'll be gone 14 days.

My anticipated budget includes airfare, hotel, attraction admissions, travel, food, and spending. My low budget is $3783 and my high budget is $5029. The main difference is the hotel prices (and a dress-up experience). With L coming my budget won't change but it will allow for a nicer/better located hotel.

I say "hotel" but we're looking at AirBNBs as they offer much better rates at what appears to be a higher quality of room. One hotel I looked at in Kyoto was at the top of my budget and there were several mentions of rats in the rooms. If I were not doing AirBNBs we stay at a hostel (a 2 person room) or, if by myself, a capsule hotel. (If you're thinking of staying at a capsule look into their lockers and if you're required to checkout every day and therefore have to take your luggage with you.)

My budgeted food is $50 a day (about 4,200 yen). It's unlikely I'll use that all as we'll purchase some snacks to carry with us and not eat at very fancy places. I've heard good things about convenience store take-aways and department store (grocery level) prepared lunches. A McD's type meal costs about Y690 ($8.21). An inexpensive restaurant would be Y800 ($9.52). Bonus- you don't tip in Japan!

(Speaking of averages/estimates, I love Numbeo. I've visited quite often to get ideas of spending. I use it at work sometimes when people don't know how much foreign money to take.)

Stay tuned for the itinerary side of my planning!

I hope you had a wonderful Victoria Day long weekend!

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