Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Escape Room: Level One

Since my brother and I told my mom how much fun we had in the Red Deer escape rooms she thought it would be an awesome thing do do as a family. On the weekend we did a walk-a-thon/marathon in Okotoks with a bunch of family present so we also visited Level 1 Escape Room in Calgary.

They have 4 levels (rooms) and we did 2 of them. It was kids versus parents, The Vault (33% success rate) vs The Haunting of Apartment 103 (46% success rate).
Looking at the website the Apartment seems more fun decor-wise but the Vault is likely to be harder and more fun that way. Prices here vary from $25 to $30 based on room.

It was awesome! You may not want to read further if you plan on visiting. I'll do my best not to give the room away but no promises.

from Level 1's website
from Level 1's website

So I did The Vault with 3 of my cousins. It was post-apocalyptic Earth themed, a spin on the Fallout games. As to my concerns about the decor, never mind!

It was different from Lock Down in a couple ways.

  1. Hints were unlimited but you had to located specific objects to pay for you first three hints.
  2. There were multiple rooms to get through.
  3. There were electronic locks, more than there were physical locks.
  4. Lasers!
  5. We don't know how many minutes were left when we cleared the room, just an approximation.
  6. We only had one light to share but there was dim mood lighting to help out.
Because we exited different doors than our entrance so the clocks weren't stopped that means we don't how many minutes separated our two groups. The parents made it out a few minutes before us but we had the harder room maybe it evens out. I forgot to ask them how many clues they used.

The parents' room was described as the Paranormal Activities room. They said that when the worker knocked on the door before opening it to give a hint that they jumped. My aunt said my dad cried ha ha.

I'm loving escape rooms!