Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Travel Journal: 2015 Disney World

15 "countries" we ate or drank at in Epcot
This post is about the journal itself, if you'd like info on the trip there's individual posts about each park. Use the "Disney" or "travel" tags to find them. The trip was Nov 8-19 2015.

This book has Disneyland 2013 in the front and has room for another Disney trip. Having them in one book makes it easy to keep track of what autographs I still need. I have 27 different autographs in the book.

Items in this section of the book:
  • boarding pass
  • resort buss schedule (easy access while travelling)
  • hotel paper note
  • autographs! (16 different ones)
  • Universal Dining Card
  • stamps from Epcot's eating around the world
  • perfume sample stick/paper
  • Kidscot stamps and drawings
  • meal reciepts
  • maps of the Disney parks (taped so they can be unfolded, of course. Universal's maps got too beaten up and I forget to get new ones.)
  • the Wilderness Explorer handbook
  • wrapper from Ghirardelli chocolate sample
  • label off my Earl of Sandwhich sandwich
  • a Transportation card
  • a Timon & Pumba Safety Card
    Top- transportation card, bottom- safety card.
  • map/instructions for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
  • "Heads You Lose" map from the Pirate Adventure
  • photo cards from Harry potter
  • Universal park pass
  • Harry Potter photo cards