Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Locked In!: My Visit to an Escape Room


For two friends' birthdays we went to Lockdown in Red Deer. Lockdown has four different escape rooms that they "lock" you in and you have to "escape" by gathering clues and solving puzzles. (For fire escape reasons they just shut an unlocked door and you have to open the chain that's on the door to "escape".)
We went into the prison themed room. The game starts with the backstory that there's a prison break going on next to you and your group has to break out before the next guard check. It claims an escape rating of 25% at a difficulty level of 3, this is the easiest room offered at the moment. We escaped with 8:11 minutes to spare and one clue left as well.

I'll try to keep it as spoiler free as I can but if you're planning on going in the future you might want to stop reading now.

K & B, as birthday people, were handcuffed and put into the cell section of the room. They had to remain in the jail for the start of the play and had to leave the cuffs on until we found the key. (Of course there's a key to take the cuffs off if they get uncomfortable/scared.) Why were they put in jail? They were caught pirating movies and music!

We had three flashlights between five people so sometimes you'd have enough light, then maybe someone else would come look... leaving someone working a lock without any light! We might have to work on our teamwork skills. There was lots of yelling but no murders ha ha.

There are several different lock types you have to open. Thankfully they have a cheat sheet of how to open the different kinds in the waiting area and in the room. There was directional, number, alpha-numeric, alphabet, and key locks. 

I already have plans to visit another one this summer with my cousins in Calgary and with Red Deer getting a second place this summer I think I'll have to visit it too! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Have you ever been to an escape room? Read about my visit to a Calgary room here!

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