Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Homemade Toritllas

I impressed my mom and co-workers recently by saying I've made my own tortillas. The truth is it's really easy and I have more time than money.

My latest batch!

This is the link I had originally found when searching for recipes; it compares 5 differences so I don't have to. I've made two of these five recipes now. I don't imagine I'll bother making the other three.

My first time I made #3, the oil recipe. You could tell they were made with oil, leaving a little residue on your hands. They didn't last until the next day very well. They were quick to make as they only had a 10 minute resting period.

Most recently I made recipe #1. Now, the original recipe called for lard and the testing site changed it to butter. I changed it back to lard. This recipe was great. They were easy to make and lasted nicely the next day. A downside is that they have a resting time of 1.5 hours. 

Pro-ish tip #1: I used wax paper to help flatten the dough and keep it from sticking to my rolling pin.

Pro-ish tip #2: I keep getting ounce-to-size ratio wrong. A 1 ounce piece of dough will give you a thin tortilla slightly bigger than the palm of your hand (what I have pictured). I imagine that to get closer to store-size you'd have to do 3 or 4 ounces.  

I don't have a complete cost break down as most of the ingredients were all ready in my house but here's a guess. I imagine you might have most of these laying around as well. The only thing I had to buy for this recipe was the lard ($2.80).

Lard used:                  $0.70
Flour used:                 $0.50
Baking powder used: $0.50
Salt used:                   $0.20
Estimated cost per batch:  $1.90 

Of course batch size will vary depending on how big your tortillas are and how thin you make them. I believe the most recent recipe says the recipe will make about 15 large tortillas. So that makes each tortilla cost about $0.13 each. The best deal I can find is about $0.25 per tortilla and that doesn't include the 2 hour roundtrip to get them.

Curious why there's a fork near my tortillas? Since they were small I ended up eating them flat so I could put more fillings on them the second time around. I had salsa, cheese, rice flavoured with beef bouillon, and lentils (mashed in place of refried beans). All things I had s leftovers or hiding in the pantry!

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