Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Travel Journal: Spain

I went on a family trip with a friend along. My brother and his friend went for a week with my parents, we had a day of overlap and then they left so my friend and I could stay a week. Sept 16-25 2011.

Sat Sept 17 10:40 am Calgary, 5:40pm London, 6:40pm Madrid

At the Gatwick Airport. Landed in London at 1 been here since about 3. ...To Malaga is only like 2 hours thankfully. Well, I suppose that's all for now. Land in Malaga 11pm. ...

Mon 19th 2:23

The ticket from the Ronda bullfighting museum. Built in 1785 it's one of the oldest rings in Spain.

Saw a massive bridge from like 17 or 18 hundreds still used today. Separates the "old town" from the "new". ...

Went to the Forestier's Gardens and the water mines. Another person was counting steps and said about 190. 190 steps ill lit and carved in stone through the mountain. All the way at the bottom is the river that people, we assume the slaves, would climb down to and collect water from.

The garden was small and whatever. ...

"The Mine" Casa Del Rey Moro
Tues Sept 20/11 

In Malaga.

Hop on/off tour of Malaga today. Stops at Alcazaba, Castillo de Gibralfaro, Museo Picasso, Teatro Romano, Basilica de Sta Maria de la Victoria, Cementerio Ingles, & possibly the Jardin Botanico.

... Do you think Picasso ever painted someone and got punched for giving them 1/2 a face or 3 boobs? ...
Tickets from Museo Picasso and Catedral Malaga
... My calves and feet! Oh god I hurt! ...

Wed Sept 21/11

Gibraltar today. No photo bombing monkey but got a pic with a monkey on me. 

Explored St. Michael's Cave which had amazing rock columns, stalagmites & stalactites. It was made into a hospital in WWII but never used & is sometimes used as a concert hall. ...

Thurs 22

Beach day. Saw some flamenco dancers at the resort restaurant. No awesome puffy dresses. They look angry when they dance.

Some Items Taped in the Book:

-boarding passes
-museum passes
-info pages & booklets
-hop on/off brochure/map

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