Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Star Wars Identities

I always seem to luck out and get a new science center exhibit to visit around my birthday. This year a Sherlock Holmes exhibit is coming to Edmonton in March. I dug around and found some pictures I took of the Star Wars Identity exhibit I visited in Feb 2013.  The tagline for Star Wars is "what forces shape you?" (You can read about the Indiana Jones exhibit I visited here.)

Does carbonite shape you?

From the website: "Star Wars Identities looks at the Star Wars films--and what makes someone who they are--through the lens of the sciences of identity. This includes genetics, neuropsychology, health sciences, and psychology." 

Who will you be?
As you enter you're issued a wristband and a headset. The wrist band holds "your" info as you learn about your character. You choose more about yourself the further into the exhibit you go. You start by choosing your species, then occupation and onward until finally at the end you have to choose, which side will you join, light or dark? I was an ewok and a merchant. Can you guess what side I joined? My friend chose opposite of me!

Scattered among the displays are "learning center". If you stand near enough the marked circle on the floor your headset will play you the audio that matches the video. The centers talked about what forces could shape a person. The ten centers each had a theme and touched upon aspects such as species, parents, and friends. Anakin and Luke's pasts were compared and contrasted to see what might have happened to them to make them turn out like they did.

Some of Padme's outfits
There were display items from each of the six movies as well as many different art pieces. Some were funny little comics (Jabba sitting on Vader) while some showed concept art. Yoda could have looked very much like a lawn gnome. There was even a full-sized podracer!

Over all I enjoyed the displays but not the learning aspect. Having to stand in a little huddle with strangers listening to a dryly spoken and long piece about science did not appeal to me. Normally I am interested in learning about why people do what they do so that's a bit off for me. I guess that might be a negative force that shaped my opinion...

Have you visited this exhibit in its travels? Or perhaps you've visited another? I'd love to hear from you!