Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Re-jigging the Budget

So I recently had to re-do my budget since the price of everything is inching up. It seems like my budget is a puzzle I have to fit together but I have to cut the pieces myself. Do you feel the same?

I keep my budget on a spreadsheet (I use Excel online) and update it every year or so. My budget is biweekly.

$969.00 Take home pay
-$248.00 Mortgage
-$111.00 Loan

$54.00 Altagas
$52.00 Direct Energy
$45.00 Water/garbage
$34.00 Cell phone (On my credit card)
$33.00 Internet (On my credit card)
$85.00 Savings for annual bills
$1.00 Staff account
$10.00 Wiggle room
=$246.00 Transferred from one account to the other to pay bills.

$60.00 Food
$25.00 Gas
$25.00 Fun
$40.00 Pets
=$150.00 In cash. This is the money that goes in my budget binder.

$71.75 Credit card to cover prepaid bills. Phone, internet, Shomi.
$141.25 Leftover money. Depends on the month where this goes (bills, savings, vet, etc.)

$19.00 Life insurance on mortgage
$151.00 Town taxes
$5.00 Bank fees
$9.50  Shomi (on credit card)
=$175.00 This money is taken from the transfer amount at the end/start of the month. Because this may make me short I've added in the "wiggle room" amount.

Thankfully I also have a casual second job to help me out but those hours aren't guaranteed so I don't use them in my budget. I divide the money up between Atcogas/Direct Energy (to grace me with some credit owing wiggle room), my loan (principal payments), a credit card (paying off furniture), or savings.