Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Travel Journal- Qatar and Sri Lanka

The Tamarid Tree, a hotel in Sri Lanka
I haven't got many pages or items taped in this small journal but it helps me remember better than nothing. Nov 27 2010 to Dec 6ish, I went with my Aunt C.

Nov 27/10

Arrived at the airport at 11am... Flight leaves at 1:05pm to Houston, sit for 2 hours then fly 14 to Doha. Few days there then off to Sri Lanka instead of India due to visa confusion. Sri Lanka seems to be better for the short trip. ...

Nov 28 6:43pm

Landing in Doha shortly. On the 14 hour flight I think I only managed to sleep for 3 hours. Gotta check out how much more it would cost to move to business. The 2 seats next to me were free most of the time but the arm rests don't go all the way up. ...

Mon Nov 29 10am?

Down at the beach. Woke up around 6:30. Watched TV before I realized that I could look out the amazing little balcony. So bright out! ...

... To buy cigarettes from the hotel it's like 15 riyal but lip chap is 15. Weird eh?

Qatar- estimated 1.5 million pop, 60% live in Doha, rainfall is scare (ave 70mm a year)

Tues Nov 30 11:20am
... Sand dunes tour at 2, Fingers crossed for camels. Souq after I return at 6.

I have to lie as I'm not supposed to be here with C but really I'm not lying. I am Ms A, just not the one they think I am.

Sitting outside on a little patio near the beach and my wet hair is dry in just a few minutes. ...


So we got stuck. I explored and took pictures of the seashells (yes, shells) and the strange flowers. The driver Hazum had to go find someone to help as no one was answering the radio.

Unstuck now. Off we go.
... At the sand dunes I rode a camel and held a falcon.

Dec 2 Doha 11:17am, Colombo 1:48pm

I could get used to the business class. Boared around 8:30am. Been flying 2 hours, & 2 hours 20 to go. Arrive about 3:30pm.

... Doha is nice but very westernized. Sri Lanka will be a real adventure.

Dec 3 1:13 am
... Humid humid humid!

Having breakfast then off to explore a bit before we head to the elephant orphanage.


Important parts:

-bought a saree!!!
-stalked by crazy woodworkers
-tea factory
-elephant orphanage & bath
-crazy snake charmers
-car broke down at the tea factory (not on the way off the snake-trail mountain thank god)

Dec 4 5:30pm

Too busy or tired to write most days. Trips nearly over. Finished at Isa Walewa Park.


-water bison
-birds 7+ kinds

Some things I have taped in: 

-coaster from Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya
-boarding pass
-instructions on how to wrap a saree
-museum pass to Museum of Islamic Art in Doha