Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fun Food Days

I co-worker was laughing at me as I was telling her about some existing days coming.

Heart-Shaped Pizza Day and Pi Day!

Boston Pizza has heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day which some of the money going towards a charity. I love Heart-Shaped Pizza Day so much and celebrate it annually. 

Should I not want pizza (not possible) Sobeys has heart-shaped burgers and cheese. I don't think they had heart-shaped buns though... 

In March (the 14th to be exact) there's Pi Day! The first three digits of the number pi is 3.14 so it's of course celebrated in March and, backwards, 41.3 looks like the word "pie".  

I forgot to celebrate it last year because I didn't have my usual friend to feed but before that I made taco pie and some kind of dessert pie. I have to start thinking about what pies to make! My co-worker suggested "pizza pie" but I said that doesn't count.

I can't wait until I have kids and can celebrate more random food holidays with them through their school lunches. I don't take lunch to work (I come home instead) so I don't bother making things pretty.

Do you have any food traditions you celebrate?

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