Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DIY Play Garden

I had seen some cute play gardens on Pintrest and was itching to make something so I created one for my friend's kids with items I had around the house. Yes, I just happened to have pool noodles playing around because I have a tendency to hoard craft things.

Ta dah!

Supplies: green fabric, popsicle sticks, craft foam, flower-shaped pool noodles, metal butterflies, paper box lid

I used a bread knife to cut the flower shapes before making a small hole in the middle to stick the popsicle stick in and hot glued it. The butterflies cover some cracks up because the noodles had been used as shipping material and been cut in half on one side. The bottom half of the sticks have foam on them to make them a bit thicker so they stand in the garden better. I image the round noodles would work better as ground.

I used foam to make leaves for the flowers as well as the veggies. The veggies are double-sided. I made a couple carrots and radishes and one beet. I debated making a potato but decided that there was enough stuff in the garden.

I slowly glued the fabric in then a noodle before tucking the fabric over and repeating. Brown for dirt would be lovely but I didn't have any handy. This fabric actually started off life as a pillow. 

I debated painting the edges of the box to make a fence but decided against it as I thought it might take too much time to dry. I also thought about using foam sticks or popsicle sticks but didn't think I'd have enough handy. (I found more after I'd given it to the kids. Of course.) Another fence option is using poster boarder supplies like this.

Apparently the kids loved it! I took it with me as my friend and I were going to see a movie with her eldest. I was going to leave it in her van but we had to transfer vehicles and grab the kid from grandma so the younger sister saw it and asked what it was. She played with it at grandma's and had a blast making patterns. Then her brother came and ruined everything by making his own patterns. The nerve.

This is a cool craft and activity for preschoolers and I think that some older school-age kids would have fun with it. They would also have the skills to make their own veggies or flowers. 

This link has two ideas for you (and probably some better instructions lol.)

Why not make some play money and set up a flower shop or farmer's market?

Check out my my second, updated attempt at a play garden here.