Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Travel Journal: NYC 2015

Below is the second and third pages of my NYC July 2015 trip.

The left has places to visit and the right has a borough (area) map of Manhattan. My cousin (that I went to visit) hadn't seen a map like it before so we spent some time looking at it and discussing the ones she's been too. She was in Chelsea (purple).

This trip is the third in this book. The other two are Qatar and Sri Lanka 2010 and Spain 2011. There's room for at least two more trips.

Each night I would spend some time looking at my camera and writing down what I've seen. If there's a info plaque or something similar where I've taken a picture I'll take a picture of that and later delete it after writing down the important info.

"Sunday July 19 I hurt so bad. We walked today to St. Patrick's, to MOMA, to Central Park, up to the Met in the midsection then back to Anna's on 28. Central Park starts on 59. The Met is at 81ish. ..."

Below on the right page is a map I printed off when I got home. It shows the (approximate) route we took from my cousin's to the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. The second map shows the walk around Central Park and the third part shows the walk back. 

The left side is the High Line park that I adored. It runs from 34 street down past 13th.

Below is a page from July 20. We went to Times Square to eat at Guy Ferrari's restuarant. I snagged a business card and coaster as souvenirs.

I taped many different brochures in the book, you can see them sticking up. I have ones for Castle Clinton, 9/11 Memorial, MOMA, 2 for Central Park, lower Manhattan walking map. I didn't have many other things to tape in this trip.

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