Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Days at Magic Kingdom

He uses antlers in all of his decorating...
We spent 2.5 days at Magic Kingdom.

Nov 9/15

Off to the first park of our trip! Bus to Epcot, monorail to Transportation Center, ferry to Magic Kingdom!

Rough start to the day as the monorail was delayed and then when we tried to exchange our paper vouchers for tickets they didn't work so we had to leave the line to make some calls. Thankfully the ticket booth wasn't busy.

Got our Sorcerer cards and L and B's "first visit" buttons and off we went! We wouldn't figure out how to do Fast Passes until later that day sadly.

Had my Death Certificate signed at Haunted Mansion. The Cast Members we asked thought they were cool. Had our picture taken with a Hitchhiking Ghost at the carriage outside the mansion.

Loved the Jingle Cruise! We had to wait to disembark so we learned about Sam-ta Claus... the cannibal.

We had an awesome spot for the 3:00 parade.
Nov 15/15

A quick stop in Epcot then we ran away to Magic Kingdom for a half day.

We didn't do any rides, we used this half day to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Pirate's Adventure. L and I did go into the Tiki Lounge to let B run around doing Sorcerer stuff though.

While doing the Pirate's Adventure we caught Captain Jack's show and B became an honorary pirate. She was so happy. The Pirate's Adventure was fun and we did three of the five or six quests/maps.

We did see Tiana and Naveen though. It was an early night due to a Christmas Party night. It was nice to not think about what ride to do next to beat the lines.

Nov 18/15

We managed to get fast passes for Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and the Mine Train! The shortest time I saw for the waits was 70 minutes. We managed to get them because I happened to spot a physical Fast Pass kiosk and I tried my luck even though the mobile app had no luck.

We headed to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella because it was a short wait time posted... only to be handed a red card. That's not a good sign because they use the red cards to track how long the line is, meaning the posted time is outdated. *sigh* So we played Heads Up in line for quite a while. We didn't dare line up for Anna and Elsa.

We were excited to meet Gaston but he didn't come out due to rain but then he came out after his appearance time and we managed to hop in line. Oh my what a guy!

We saw the castle get covered in "ice and snow" thanks to Elsa, watched the Electric Parade twice, and saw the fireworks. A good way to end the day!