Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fun Freebies at Disney World

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Below are some free activities/items that my friends and I did on our 2015 Disney World trip. There are several more that we didn't do.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Some of my cards.

Everyone can collect these trading cards at Magic Kingdom every day they visit. Use the cards at video 'portals' around the park to battle villains and help Merlin. This is a great idea for people that like Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, etc. (It's also possible to buy a board game to play at home with the cards.)


Any park should have these at their guest centers. These big buttons show what you might be celebrating: first visit, a birthday, an anniversary, and more. Cast members around the park may wish you congratulations as well!

Transportation Cards

Collect these 27 cards from people working in or around ferries, buses, and the monorails. We rode the monorail once just to ask people for cards because we're cool like that.

I just got 1 of each to tape into my notebook.

Timon and Pumba Safety Cards

These 21 cards seemed to be aimed at younger kids and can be collected from the same people as transportation cards.

Wilderness Explorers Handbook
The wilderness must be explored!

Animal Kingdom has this wonderful book that encourages you to learn about the countries and animals around the park to earn badges (stickers).

A Pirate's Adventure~ Treasures of the Seven Seas
"Heads You Lose" map

Arr, me matey! These activity is the the Magic Kingdom. There's 5 or 6 adventures you can do in Adventureland that take around 20 minutes each to complete. The interactive aspects are wonderful and unexpected and you get to keep the maps you do!

Pirates League

While you're in the Adventureland area you might be able to catch Captain Jack's show and become a pirate. B, a 20+ year old pirate fan, went up on stage at the end when anyone can be a pirate.

Food & Wine Festival

If you happen to visit during Epcot's festival you can collect stamps from the food booths. They may even gave a passport available for free but I used my notebook.

Kidscot Stops
France and Morocco

Each country in Epcot has a table where you can get a stamp and something written in their native language. There's also paper Duffy puppets to colour and stamp. Take a notebook to avoid buying a passport.

Club Cool

Located in Epcot this store has some samples of popular flavours of Coke from around the world. Beverly is a crowd favourite.

Hidden Mickeys

There's hidden mickey heads all over the parks and resorts. They might be the cracks in a sidewalk or the shadow on a wall but Mickey is everywhere! It's unlikely you'll find them all as they're always changing but it's fun to search. This book has hints to help you hunt them down.


Our most used free item was free ice water. Anywhere that had fountain drinks will give you ice water when requested. I suggest taking a wide mouth water bottle to dump your extra water into when you've had your fill. I've seen some people complain about the taste but my picky self was fine.

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