Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Worked and What I Would Change (Disney World 2015)

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What are some things that have worked for you or didn't in your travels? I can't wait until I have a kid so I can stash stuff in a stroller instead of carry it around!

What Worked

  • Notebook for autographs/journaling.
  • Taking snacks (bought from Walmart)
  • Carrying a backpack
  • Bringing light activities for downtime
  • Fastpasses
  • Having some early nights & late mornings
  • 2 wide mouth waterbottles for 3 people (you can get free ice water in the parks)
  • Suppers in the hotel room
  • Refillable drink cup at Universal
  • Getting some cheap souvenirs from Walmart
  • Memory Maker photopass attached to my wristband (500+ pictures)

What I Would Change

  • A 2 strap backpack instead of 1
  • Alternate days we brought pop to the parks
  • Walmart purse (broke 3 days from the end of the trip!)

Unsure Of
  • The hotel (Comfort Suites Main Gate East)
Pros- breakfast, free transport to Universal and Sea World
Cons- Set transport times (couldn't make our own schedule), paid for transport from the hotel to airport.

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