Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Days at Epcot

(We spent 1.5 days in Epcot.)

Nov 10/15

The Food & Wine Festival is on! One of L's Things To Do was eat/drink around the world so this works well. We ended up eating/drinking at 15 "countries". They give stamps that you can collect with a passport but I just collected them in my journal. My favourite was the lettuce wraps from South Korea. 

Kids could do a (bought) scavenger hunt where they had to track down hidden Remy's around the park. We found 2. This guy was hiding at an African restuarant.
We also went around to the different Kidcot spots and collected stamps from around the world. There's passports you can buy and there's many you can print from the internet. I used my journal which has plenty of room for the people to doodle on. 

We rode The Land and kept an eye out for the Hidden Mickeys. It's a nice relaxing ride and cool to see the growing conditions. We also went on Soarin' and watched the Lion King Circle of Life video. Soarin' was awesome as always buts it's funny to ride it in a different state than the one you "fly" over.
The Finding Nemo ride was cute and the aquarium attached was massive! There's several interactive spots where you can touch shark teeth, do quizzes, and play.

We lucked out, when we were wandering past China the acrobats had just started their show. B was more entertaining than the show with her worried commentary. "No, that's too high. Careful! That's his head!" Apparently the couple drinks beforehand had kicked in.

We weren't able to get the autographs of Mulan or Mary Poppins so we went back Nov 15. We got our last country stamp (Canada) as well before running away to Magic Kingdom.

We had perfect timing for Mulan as the line up for her had just started when we arrived and we only had a few minutes of waiting before she came out. The line wasn't very long for Mary Poppins either (her line was closed when we arrived the other day).

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