Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Day at Sea World

Nov 11 2015


We caught the Universal / Sea World shuttle for the approx 30 minutes ride. Once we arrived we made our plan of attack of which shows to see. We headed past Manta as it wouldn't open for another hour or so and went right to Kraken. It was the first big roller coaster of our trip and our roller coaster junky B was excited. We rode it twice in a row, thank you short wait times. The issue on this ride only delayed it a few minutes for our second ride.

The issue for the penguin ride was longer so we waited for approx 25 minutes before leaving the line. I think it started up after we left, of course. We later went back to ride ride but were grumpy about waiting in line to watch a video, then wait in line again, then watch another video before going on the short ride. I think it was the only way to get to the penguins. I would have rather skipped the ride and gone straight to them.

Atlantis was fun so B went on it twice. L and myself decided to sit it out and dry off and take a picture of her on the big drop.

Manta made me cry. B loved Manta and did it twice. Manta pulls you back so that you're in a seated position but staring at the ground. It was not ok. Whatever issue it was having while we were in line seemed to last quite a while. Thankfully they have a view into to some aquariums for part of the line.

I also don't like real mantas either but this one was bigger than a tire! L and B tried to feed them but freaked out when they got swarmed. You hold shrimp up between your fingers and put it down on the bottom of the pool. L said it like little suction kisses.

We saw part of the dolphin show because we mixed our times up. It was a modified show due to some construction but it appeared to be the same as the show we had seen in San Diego 2013.

The orca show was fun.We were bored and making up names of the orcas we could see (Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Treatment).One trailed after the trainer that was filling up the reward buckets. It would opens its mouth hopefully at each stop but no treats! It was also a show off because it did tricks after that with no trainer present. Eventually another orca joined it for a bit. The show was also the same from San Diego.


Our shuttle picked us up an hour after close, stopped at Universal and took us home. It was nice to have an early night as our Disney days didn't end until 11pm.

Over all it was a slow day (partially due to issues on all but one ride) and thankfully not very busy. Unfortunately the Polar Express stuff wasn't set up yet and there was only a couple Christmas decorations. I don't feel the need to visit Sea World on any future Disney trips.

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