Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Day at Animal Kingdom

Nov 13 11:32 am

The bus ride was a short one thankfully. We grabbed our Wilderness Explorers' book and are ready to go! First, we tracked down Tarzan who was hiding in the walking paths but thankfully not too far in. We also collected the badges nearby.

We also got to see Dug, Russel, and Pocahontas. I gave her a big "wingapo" greeting and she was very impressed with me. She said I can visit her tribe any time.

Animal Kingdom had two shows for us to watch and first up was Nemo! I thought it was going to be cheesy because the actors on stage are dressed to kinda match the fish puppets they carry around but it was really good!

The lineups for the safari was very long because animals stopped to play in the road many times. We chatted with a young girl and her family behind us. (She enjoyed my Did You Know cards.)

We wandered the Pangani Trail just before bedtime so it wasn't too crowded. We also met up with the Explorer Guide who had given us our books. He laughed because B lost her pencil and he knew she wasn't allowed to keep her book during the day because she'd lose it. She later found her pencil and claims it doesn't count as lost. It does.
The Lion King show was fun. I hadn't known it was done in the round so that was a pleasant surprise.

The day was fun, if slightly too short. We ended up not getting one more badge like we wanted to "level" ourselves up. The book was very fun and had us stopping to check different things out we would have walked past. We didn't do anything in Dino U.S. besides walk through which is a bit of a bummer but we got to see plenty of animals.

It was an early night and a sleep-in for the next day which was nice. The next day we went to Disney Springs, the shopping district.

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