Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some 2015 Disney World Trip Dollars & Cents

I thought I might share my approximate cost to visit Disney World. Because I went through a travel agent I'm not able to give you an exact price on everything but I can get close! Everything is rounded to the nearest dollar with no exchange rates.

General info: 12 day trip (9 park days, 1 free day, 2 travel days), 3 adults 

Total price of transportation, hotel, and park passes per person is $2303.

Comfort Inn Suites Maingate East.
-Hot and cold breakfast (Mickey waffles!), pool and hot tub, transport to Disney parks, Universal, and Sea World.

11 nights = $936 with tax/hotel fee
Per night = $85
Divided by 3 people = $312 total
Per person, per night = $28

Saved money on taxis and breakfast! If we were at a Disney hotel we'd have to taxi to Universal and Sea World and buy our own breakfast. 

Bummer because it's not a Disney hotel we don't get free airport to hotel transport. So that's an extra $36.

Round trip, non stop flight, Westjet = $1330

Saved money because we bought the last of cheap seats one way down. One way is Econo, one way is Flex. We'd have to pay for checked luggage one way so we're just doing carry-on.

Disney 6 day park hoppers = $414
Universal 2 day = $195
Sea World 1 day = $87 

My above estimates put individual cost at $2374 so I saved $71. 

By booking about a month and a half early and through my travel agent I saved more money that doesn't show up on the list. I wouldn't have known about Comfort Inn had she not told me about it so that saves me an additional $100 or so dollars on the hotel and $50+ on breakfast. Taxis would have been an approx $40/person additional charge to Universal and Sea World so more saving there.

(I hope you enjoy this post as I'll be enjoying Disney World when it posts!)