Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Pantry is Built!

My renos are nearly done and that means that I have a pantry now! Before the renos, I stored food products in 3 different places in the house, sorted by size. Now, I can have everything all together in the porch.

The bottom is approx 24 inches high. It will hold the dog food, cases of vinegar, and recycling.

Next is 15 inches for appliances like my breadmaker and rice cooker. And a container of rice that doesn't fit anywhere else. 

12 inches holds the cansorter (the largest option) and cans, pasta and rice. These are the most used items.

11 inches holds my jarred items and items I don't use as often. Some of the jars are from the Dollar Store, some are old food jars. I labelled them with removable chalk board labels, also from the Dollar Store in the stationary aisle. I use a chalk marker instead of a piece of chalk for a finer line (to add instructions where needed). The maker is from Michaels.

Last is 8 inches. It's a smaller shelf so that I can see better and not lose items in the back. These tubs from the Dollar Store fit perfectly! The tubs are items like my cooker utters, snacks, dry soups, baking supplies, etc. They're labelled with chalkboard gift tags.

Before making the shelves I measured most of my items and planned where I wanted them. Really, I only planned the bottom 3 heights and the other 2 just worked out. I'd love to share the heights of my items but I've thrown away the list. Oops.

Stay tuned and I'll let you know how evyerthing works out after I've had a chance to live with it for a while!

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