Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I Bought

Here's a peak at what I bought Aug 29 2015. All of it is from Sobeys. I spent $61.97 total, $1.97 over budget.

Flour                                         $4.99 saved $2.30 
Butter chicken sauce             $4.49 saved $0.50 
Cranberry juice                       $4.32 
6 pack of Pepsi                       $4.71 saved $2.30 
Chocolate chips                     $3.69 
Salsa                                         $3.19 
Spaghetti x3                           $3.00 saved $2.37 
Macaroni x3                           $3.00 saved $2.37 
Apple sauce x3                      $5.07 bonus Air miles 
Cheese & cracker snacks x4   $5.00 saved $0.56 
Pudding cups x 4                   $5.00 saved $0.56 
Cheese                                    $7.99 saved $1.80 
Eggs                                         $2.69 
Soy milk                                  $4.62 

The new Sobeys' receipts with savings confuse me a bit but it says I saved $29.46 or 32%. I image that's the additional savings as compared to other (local?) prices. By my math I saved approx. $12.75 or about 20% with sale items. 

I could have skipped the cranberry juice (used my various powdered mixes), the salsa (don't need it for any recipes at the moment), 1 apple sauce (thought I needed an extra for a recipe), mixed my pasta purchases (instead of getting 3 of each). I could have saved an estimated $9.00. 

Some recipes I'll make with these ingredients: 
  • Butter Chicken (with chick peas in place of chicken) 
  • 3 batches of Zucchini chocolate chip muffins 
  • Macaroni salad 
  • Bread 
Edit Sept 4/15: I forgot to buy toilet paper and ended up buying ice cream, pop, and soup as well. Futz.

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