Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pressed Pennies

On my first trip to Disneyland (around 1996) I discovered pressed pennies. They were adorable and cheap and I liked them. Now that "like" has turned into a.... slight obsession that several people know about. 

Coins from Disneyland Resort
During my Disneyland 2013 trip I gathered 45 coins over 4 days. I was slightly disappointed with the number but a co-worker thought that was an insane number. She left for a San Diego trip about a week after I got back and had told of the wonders of pressed coins. She came back with a handful too! It's addicting, I tell you. 

Pressed coins are a cheap way to get a souvenir. Generally, you pay $0.51 for a penny. Some machines have just one design, others have three that force you to stare and decide which deserves your love. There are also dime and quarter machines though I've seen those much less. Currently, I have about 150 coins. My "rules" are that I or someone close to me has to get the coin so I'm not allowed to buy any online or at coin stores. 

Penny presses are found world-wide. I have coins from: 
(U.S.) San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Hawaii, San Francisco
(Canada) Drumheller, Calgary, Toronto
(World-wide) Rome, Italy; Corfu, Greece

Some "themes" are: Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios, restaurants, museums, attractions, cities in general.

Coins from: Drumheller, Calgary, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Toronto
Wondering if there's any machines near you? Try this website. Here is a list of Disney related coins, though I'm told you can ask for a list at guest relations when you enter the parks. 

Disney 2013 I printed off a list from above to help me find coins and I think my friends were grateful. While I hunted round stores for machines they could relax a bit and looks at souvenirs. I usually restrain myself and get one coin from a machine unless it has very cool designs. 

Is there something you collect from your vacations?  

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